Why do we always focus on what’s behind us and never what the present has brought us or the future? Because the past has already happened. It’s easy to remind ourselves of what has already passed. It’s easy to remember the bad things that have happened but what about all of the good things that are to come? It’s not easy looking forward because our thought process always says “well this happened to me, so how can it get better?” but what about what’s to come? What about when you hit rock bottom? Things have to go up from there. It’s always easy to think about the negatives.

To be happy you have to focus on the positives. About what is to come, about how much you have to look forward to, yes it is hard sometimes. Yes its a struggle to overcome what has happened but that is in the past now. It’s okay to look forward to what you want to accomplish, your goals, dreams, ambitions. Love yourself enough to let the past make you, not break you. Make it be a push to make things better, not to be a burden.

Don’t ruin a perfect today by thinking about a bad yesterday. leave it where it belongs, BEHIND YOU!

                                      ♥ H



9 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. I find there’s a productive way to welcome memories and reflections. I reckon they are our body’s natural way of wanting to learn or grow or savour experiences. I recommend the approach taught by Marshall Rosenberg – when I have a memory, I invite myself to notice the feelings I’m experiencing now and what they might be telling me are important to me in this moment. Eg: learning, or making repairs to relationship when a conversation didn’t go the way I feel happy about, or celebrating what felt great and looking for more of that today such as friendship or creativity. Does this make any sense to hear?

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  2. The past haunts us all. It follow us and tries to tempt us to revisit. However you wrote a piece that tells us to leave it behind and move on. Great insight on learning from the past and not allowing it to prevent forward progress.


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